Project 365: Exercise

At the end of each year I naturally tend to look for ways to improve myself in the upcoming year. In 2010 I will turn 30 and since my lifestyle and work are sedentary I really need some motivation to start any type of regular exercise. However, motivation isn’t enough. That’s really all I’ve had the past few years and my previous exercise goals only lasted a week or two at most. So to remedy this I’m comitting to daily exercise and posting my progress. This should help me in two ways, first, I am accountable to you my readers for continuing to post. Second, it gives me an easy way to track my progress and see the results.

I ran across the Daily Burn web site and am excited to use the free account (for now) to help me find new workout programs and track my progress. Daily Burn tracks your workouts, weight, nutrition, etc. The interface is good and they have an iPhone app. I’ll be tracking my progress there and writing about exercise in my Daily Burn journal. I’m adding a widget on the side so you can track my progress and see my latest entry in the journal. If you want to become a motivator on Daily Burn then sign up and we’ll take the new year by storm.